5 Reasons to join the ACCES Community on Magnet for your Job Search

The ACCES Community on Magnet is an online job search platform that instantly connects you to thousands of jobs based on your skills and experience. Sign up today to better focus your online job search and get the extra support you need to start your career. 


Here are five reasons to join the ACCES Community on Magnet.

  1.        Let the Platform Work for You

The guided job search process will help you build a profile with multimedia integration to help you stand out as a candidate.

  1.       The Platform is Private and Secure

Your personal information is not visible to anyone but you. Employers who are recruiting can see only skills and experience and will then connect with qualified candidates based on that information.

  1.        Thousands of Employers at your Fingertips

Based on your profile, the platform will send job opportunities and connect you with potential employers from a growing network of over 10,000 employers.

  1.        Leverage your Diversity

If you choose, you can self-identify as a member of an employment equity group. This gives you the opportunity to connect with employers who are looking to increase diversity within their organization.

  1.        Access Free Resources to Help you Become the Top Candidate

Make use of the extensive resources on e-ACCES, as well as the Magnet Learning Center, to increase your chances of being the top candidate!

Register for free now! https://magnet.whoplusyou.com/lp/acces

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