Employer Insights with Randstad Canada

Nimmy Martin, Resource Manager at Randstad Canada, shares insight on the in-demand skills of today's market. She also shares what she sees as 'stand-out' characteristics in interviews.

Always practice how you present your skills to an employer. Presenting your skills confidently is going to put you ahead of other candidates.

Nimmy is a graduate of ACCES Employment's HR Connections program and is now a regular volunteer, lending her advice and personal journey with other newcomers.

In 2015, Nimmy received a Walk of Fame award for being an 'Alumna Champion' with ACCES. She is an avid mentor with the Speed Mentoring program, speaks on industry panels, advises young IT professionals and conducts site tours of her workplace with job seekers in the HR Connections program.

On coming full circle now as an employer and mentor, she says: “It’s important for me to support newcomers because I have travelled the same path a few years before. Helping newcomers find the right career path is directly related to the work I do on a daily basis. If I can help a newcomer find a job in their field then I feel that I have done my job and provided something meaningful in their new life.”

Nimmy responds to the following questions in this video:

  1. What are the current job trends and in-demand skills that you look for?
  2. What attributes make a strong candidate stand out in an interview?
  3. What do employers expect in the Canadian workplace from a new employee?
  4. What networking tips can you share with our job seekers?
  5. What is the importance of soft skills in Canada?

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