Understanding the Labour Market – Resources to Get You Started


Understanding the Canadian labour market helps you make well-informed career decisions and even helps guide your choice of place to relocate to in Canada.

By conducting labour market research into the job market, you are able to learn more about your profession, jobs within your sector that are in demand, potential employers and available job prospects now and in the future. This research involves understanding the trends and areas of growth with respect to your strengths, skills and experience. The current and future labour market conditions, and your skills profile, are both equally important to your career success.

How to Get Started

  • Understand the current trends in your industry by researching newspapers, journals, online resources, sector-specific associations, newsletters and major employers. 
  • Determine if there is a demand for your skills and your desired job.
  • Investigate potential employers and the roles in which they are hiring.
  • Consider the working conditions in your sector both today and in the future. 
  • Search for information on the skills that employers require.

Additional Resources

Welcome to Ontario Newcomer Information 

Labour market information from Statistics Canada

Working in Canada  

Ontario information  

Professional/industry associations 

Employability skills

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