Top 5 Question to Ask at the End of an Interview

Congratulations on being selected for a job interview! Now  it’s time to prepare by researching the company and the position and rehearsing your answers to common interview questions. Having well-rehearsed answers will ensure that you are able to express all of your relevant points without rambling or wondering what to say. Giving concise but informative answers are key to a successful interview.

When preparing, it is also important to plan several questions to ask the interviewer.  It is very common for an employer to ask whether you have any questions for them near the end of an interview. This is because an interview is a two-way street—the employer is asking you questions to learn more about you and your background, and in return, you need to ask your potential employer about the position and the company to be sure that it is the right job for you.

Here are five great questions that you can ask your interviewers:

1) What Do You Enjoy Most About Working Here? How the person answers this question reveals a little bit about the company’s culture and their personal experiences. It also shows that you are interested in the company and the motivation for employees and their work.

2) What is One of the Biggest Challenges That Your Company is Facing Right Now? This question helps you uncover trends or issues in the industry in general, and most importantly, gives you an opportunity to think about how your specific skills can help.  You can follow up this questions with how you might support the organization with this challenge.

3) Can You Describe a Typical Day for this Role? The answer to this question offers a glimpse into the management structure of the organization and what your daily routine could look like.

4) What is a Typical Career Path for Someone In This Role? Interviewers want to hear that an interviewee intends to stay long-term at their organization. Asking about career path shows your interest in staying and growing with the company.

5) Do You Have Any Hesitations About My Qualifications? ? This may seem like a risky question to ask but it does allow you to address any lingering concerns the interviewer may have so that you can leave on a high note. Be prepared to give a positive response to the answer the interviewer may give by reassuring them about your skill set or your willingness to learn

Before leaving, remember to ask the interviewer about the next steps in the hiring process. With this answer, you will have a sense of the time frame and constraints the interviewer is working with, when you might hear back and how long you should wait before following up.

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