Employer Insights with Accenture Canada

December 16, 2016

Katherine Louie, Talent Acquisition Manager at Accenture Canada, talks about in-demand skills, interview tips, employer expectations, and networking advice.

We look for candidates who are well-rounded with strong leadership, communication and analytical skills.

Curious about other skills Accenture is looking for? Watch the video to find out!

Katherine responds to the following questions in this video: 

  1. What are the current job trends and in-demand skills that you look for?
  2. What attributes make a strong candidate stand out in an interview?
  3. What do employers expect in the Canadian workplace from a new employee?
  4. What networking tips can you share with our job seekers?
  5. What is the importance of soft skills in Canada?

Hear from more employers in this series: 

Nimmy Martin, Resource Manager, Randstad Canada

Susan Hawkins, Recruitment Manager, RBC

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ACCES Employment Live Stream

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Employer Insights with Randstad Canada

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