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Networking Tips from Successful New Canadians

Graduates of ACCES Employment's Leadership Connections program share advice on how to build a strong professional network in Canada based on their own experiences. 

Tatiana Pari met her current supervisor through a passion for music at a Speed Mentoring event. Her advice: share your passion beyond your work; real relationships are built on shared interests and human connections. 

When Mahesh Kumar reached out to people, he never asked for a job; he was interested in what they had to share about their own career and professional experience. He now has a network of professional contacts that he can call on and offer advice in return. Building relationships is a two-way street – you need to contribute as much as you take. 

“Everyone likes to brag about themselves. If you ask the right questions, you will learn a lot and prove you’re a good listener.” 

Hear from Tatiana and Mahesh on how they built their networks in Canada.


Leadership Connections

Speed Mentoring

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