Tailoring Your Resume for Different Jobs


Employers need to be able to see quickly that you are a good fit and have the skills, experience and qualifications required for the specific role and industry.   Tailoring your resume for each job may seem like a lot of work but it’s a very important step in the application process. By tailoring your resume you increase your chances of standing out against other candidates.  

How do you tailor your resume?  

Start with a master resume and tailor it to meet each job you apply for.  Follow the three steps outlined below to effectively tailor your resume.  


Review the Job Posting 


  • key skills 

  • key experience 

  • key personal characteristics 


Research the Company 

  • Company history 

  • Company mission and values 

  • Company management, role, and structure 

  • Company products and services 

  • Company clients and partners 


Adjust each section of your resume to highlight ways in which your background matches the job posting and the company. 


  • Use keywords that match the posting 

Experience Profile/Summary:  

  • Adjust your experience profile to highlight areas where your background closely matches the posting

Work Experience:  

  • Adjust work history to highlight the most relevant jobs and most relevant duties, responsibilities 

  • Include statements about your accomplishments in previous jobs.  Make sure that they are relevant to the potential employer.  Quantify the accomplishments wherever it is possible. 

  • Include any internships and volunteer work that demonstrates that you have acquired practical knowledge about the Canadian work context 


  • Indicate the education and training that you have that meets or exceeds the job requirements 

  • Include Canadian equivalency evaluation results 

  • Include any additional professional training relevant to the job requirements 

Professional Certifications, Licenses 

  • Include any professional certifications or licenses held relevant to the position 

  • If you have applied for a Canadian license or certification, indicate what your current status is 

Other Relevant Qualifications 

  • Adjust other sections of your resume to highlight skills, training, languages or anything else relevant to the position or company 

Tailoring your resume may take some time but this exercise will be well worth your time.  Your resume is the first impression you make with an employer so make sure it is a positive one!  

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