New Employment Resources for Youth, Sponsored by Tangerine

Tangerine volunteering at ACCES Employment

ACCES Employment is pleased to announce the growth of our partnership with Tangerine who is sponsoring a series of resources designed exclusively for young people who are starting out in their professional careers. This sponsorship will allow ACCES to develop a number of new online assets to help youth address challenges in finding employment.

Youth, and in particular newcomer youth, are facing daunting unemployment rates. With Tangerine’s support, ACCES will build valuable online resources developed and dedicated to addressing this need.

ACCES Employment is a proud partner to Tangerine as a #BrightWayForward charity. Volunteers from Tangerine regularly support our job seekers as participants in our Speed Mentoring® program and conduct virtual mock interviews with our pre-arrival clients.

We thank Tangerine for their dedication and continued support.

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