Resources for Researching Your Potential Salary


Are you planning to work in Canada?  Before you arrive be sure to do your research on the local job market by reviewing salaries and job demand.  There are a number of great resources available that can help you find information specific to your profession and location. Considering your potential salary will allow you to properly plan for your career and other life circumstances. 

While doing your research, you should also consider alternative positions that may be similar to your current role (ie. similar skills, experience and background.)  This will help you to really consider your transferable skills and maximize your opportunities for employment.   Consider the possibility that you may explore various job opportunities in similar roles.    

Being armed with salary information can be very useful while you are job searching and if you receive job offers.  When asked about salary expectations in an interview, you should always provide a range (for example $40 000 - $50 000).  By researching fair and reasonable salaries in advance, you will know if you are receiving a fair offer, or if you should be negotiating for a higher offer from an employer.  Salaries may also vary widely depending on your location and specific companies so you should stay reasonably flexible throughout the negotiation process.  

Resources for Salary Information 

Job BankFind earnings and average weekly salary by industry on Job Bank.  You can search averages in Canada or by province.  

PayScaleThis resource provides an extensive database of job salaries that are available publicly.  In addition, see detailed job descriptions and get information on job satisfaction, job demographics, common job skills and how pay varies over time and between locations. 

Monster Salary WizardMonster’s Salary Wizard Canada® is a tool that lets you find salary information easily. For each position you select, you’ll get a brief job description plus details about pay and bonuses.  

Salary ExpertThis resource provides global salaries and cost of living data depending on location. 

WowJobsThis resource allows you to find salary information based on job title, skills, description and location (postal, city or province). 


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