Perfecting Your Pitch


A 30-second pitch ensures that you are prepared to briefly introduce yourself and provide key professional information when talking to a professional contact or potential employer. It should be brief and to the point; it is not a time to review the details of your resume. Your introduction or ‘sales pitch’ is a way of letting people know what you do, what your background and key qualifications are and what you are looking for. 

It may include: 

  • Your work experience: years of experience, specialization 

  • Education and training: credentials, degrees, key hard skills 

  • Special skills related to your career goal 


It must include: 

  • An added value or one key selling point about yourself that sets you apart from your colleagues 

  • Passion and enthusiasm for the work you do! This can be demonstrated through the tone of your voice and body language.  

Always end with a question that throws the conversation back into the listeners’ hands. Your question should be relevant and preferably an open-ended question so that it stimulates the conversation further. 

Your 30-second pitch can be used in a number of different situations including networking events, job fairs, and interviews. Like your resume, you may have a few different variations of your pitch depending on the situation and person you’re speaking with. A good 30-second pitch will always be valuable – even beyond your job search. It will serve you well to develop your career and build your professional network. 

Here are two examples of 30-second pitches: one from a human resources professional; the other from a financial services professional.

Financial Services professional:

Human Resources professional:

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