Online Tools to Create the Perfect Resume


Creating a great resume is vital to a successful job search.  If you are at a loss on where to start, or you’re looking for the best way to present your background and experience, there are a number of great resources online that can help you with creating the perfect resume. 

A resume builder provides you with a variety of different templates to choose from and will also help you to start and structure your resume properly.  Many resume builders also offer great tips for keywords and presenting your experience in an engaging way. 

If you are using a resume builder, keep in mind that it is always a good idea to tailor your resume for each job.  It’s best to use the template as a starting point or a ‘master resume’ and customize from there.   

Here are a few resume builder tools that you can use to get started.   

Creddle  (free) 

Building, customizing, linking, embedding, exporting, and printing your résumé is free on Creddle.  There are a number of different templates available and each template is very customizable.  You can import your current resume or use LinkedIn to help fill out your resume.  This is a great site if you are looking for a free resume builder that still allows you to create and share attractive and professional resumes.   

Resunate  (free trial) 

Using Resunate, you can build your resume to fit each job posting.  By copying and pasting a job description, Resunate uses advanced semantic matching technology to assign your resume a score very similar to the one most employers use to screen candidates. You can edit, add or remove items from your resume to see your score update in real-time. 

LiveCareer  (fee to download, print or email) 

This resume builder provides you with the opportunity to design your resume for free, however, when it comes to downloading, printing or emailing your resume you will be asked to pay for a membership.  The free access will allow you to view an unlimited number of resumes and cover letters and thousands of professional resume examples. 

Wondering how your resume measures up? 


This is a different type of resume tool. RezScore can be useful if you already have a resume and are wondering how it will stand up against the competition in a resume screening process. RezScore asks you to upload your resume and it will provide you with a score based on different criteria. You will be provided with the results instantly and a few tips on how to update your resume and increase your score. 

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