Cyber Solutions: Valuable Web Resources for Career Self-Assessment


Searching the internet is a great way to do some research on career self-assessment. So long as you have a computer and internet access, it’s available anytime, without having to visit a library or be constrained by office hours. But as with any browsing session, the amount of links that pop up can sometimes be daunting. 

What are the best sources of information? Where are the most up to date resources? Usually, well maintained government websites are a good place to start. But other private and non-profit resources can also be beneficial. There are a growing number of online resources that cater to career self-assessment and related subject matter. 

It’s also important to be critical of the sources of so-called expert information and to be careful about your security. Be mindful of what information you’re providing when registering information requests, especially when dealing with the sort of private information included in resumes and the personal nature of some career self-assessment questions.  

We hope you find the following list of websites useful in your career self-assessment efforts:  

This is a free career assessment provided through a matching centre that matches your profile against more than 1,000 potential careers and provides customized career research tools. 

The University of Toronto’s online self-assessment package provides exercises to increase your understanding of yourself and to relate this knowledge to your career choices. There are four main areas of assessment: skills, personal qualities, interests and values. 

This career “collaboratory” involves academic professionals, career counsellors and professional web developers that provide a multimedia library of resources that is mutually beneficial for the purveyors of information and site visitors seeking information. 

Career development software provides a variety of options for students, adults, employers and communities through a self-exploration and planning program that helps people of all ages achieve their potential in school, career and life.  

A comprehensive portal on career exploration featuring a directory of information, event listings and a chat room to help lifelong learners manage multiple career transitions. 

The Government of Canada’s “Essential Skills” assessment provides profiles that describe how various occupations use certain essential skills. The site includes occupation descriptions, examples of particular tasks and complexity ratings. 

Employment skill assessment through the classification of certain personality and behaviour preferences: extraverted or introverted; sensing or intuitive; thinking or feeling; judging or perceiving.  

 Human Metrics   

Similar to the above reference, try this version of the “Jung Typology Test” to obtain your personality type and discover which career choices and schools are the most suitable for you.  

 Job Bank 

The Service Canada Job Bank provides career specific links and resources that help to narrow career options and a proven process to identify your career, research your chosen career and manage your career. 

TypeFocus measures three interactive concepts: personality, interests and values.  The resulting data helps to inform the career assessment process recommended by this organization, including strength assessment, occupation exploration and goal setting. 


The Life Values Inventory is an assessment program to determine a values profile and next steps of career development. The program is comprised of five steps: the first three make up the assessment portion and the last two present your results along with strategies for future development.

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