4 Quick Tips to Target Your Resume

4 Quick Steps to Targeting Your Resume

Are you actually APPLYING for jobs or just sending out resumes?

Yes, there is a difference! Creating one resume and sending it out with the click of a button may not be as efficient as actually taking the time to customize your application for each job.  Quality wins over quantity.

When you send out your resume and plaster it all over the internet, you are narrowing yourself down to one profile and potentially only one type of job. If you take the time to match your resume to the actual job ad, you have a MUCH higher chance of getting a phone call.

Follow our 4 steps to quickly target your resume.

1. Keywords

Who is reading your resume on the other side? It is most likely not a human. The creature reading your resume is an ATS system which scans through your resume to capture matching keywords. If your resume matches the job ad by approximately 80%, you could potentially move one step closer to that job.These online “resume selection” systems aren’t able to judge based on the type of experience you have, they heavily rely on matching keywords. So, use the same language and keywords in your resume that the employer has used on the job description. Do you have to change your resume every time you apply for a job? YES! Always customize or target your resume according to the job ad’s keywords to have a better chance of getting an interview.

2. Qualifications

If your qualifications aren’t a 90% match with the job requirements, skip to the next job. It is not worth it to apply to a job that requires a Master’s in psychology and 5 years’ experience in the field when you don’t have any of it.

Make sure that the list of qualifications match well with your own before you attempt to apply for the job.

3.  Stand out

Each job ad may be receiving 200 to 1000 resumes. How can you increase your chances of being selected for an interview? Stand out! Make a bold case when mentioning your accomplishments in your resume and cover letter. Take the time to customize your resume and create a cover letter attracting attention to why you are the perfect missing piece to their puzzle.

4.  Speak their language.

  • Use the same tone as in their ad
  • Use the same keywords and qualifications
  • Include the job title in your resume and cover letter
  • Research the company and speak from their perspective (just like you are already on their team)
  • Check out their mission statement and values. Try to integrate that in your resume
  • Mention accomplishments that would stand out to them

Use these quick tips today to have a greater chance at being selected for an interview!

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